# 12 Cage 22 Compilation.

Red Painted Red track 'Late November' included on 'name your price' Cage Studio compilation album. 22 track release including Tunnels of Ah, Merzbow, Attrition, Anni Hogan. Available as download and CD.

# 11 Live.

Red Painted Red playing live. 29th August. Retro Bar, Sackville Street, Manchester 8.00pm.

# 10 Hey Dum Dum.

# 9 Video of 20 Floors.

                                     LISTEN/BUY HEY DUM DUM
# 8 'Hey Dum Dum' release April 2015.

# 7 Video of 'Rhythm Of Life' from upcoming album 'Hey Dum Dum'.

# 6 New album recording completed.
Due for release early 2015.

It's Real
20 Floors
Rhythm of Life
Late November
"I'm No Johnny Cash"
Her Hair
Don't Give Up The Sun
Another Day

# 5 Prose, Poetry, Ramblings, Diatribes etc. Wanted.

We thought it would be interesting to use, cut-up, interpret other people's words for the songs on our new recording project, see what musical direction it took us?.
If anyone is interested in submitting words, contact us here or at facebook.

# 4 Observations on "I Am Nothing".

"cinematic, expansive, emotional, evokes a tuneful attraction that’s hard to ignore." 
Kate Bush and the kitchen table. Nemesis To Go
"scary gothic stew, why isn't this band absolutely massive?" Terrascope
Esben and the Machine!!!  Leonard's Lair
"in less than 40 minutes it sweeps away the vast majority of music out there" DarkRoom Magazine
"Contradictory and complex, there is much beauty to collect." Dark Entries

"A delightful little secret, Red Painted Red’s music." Projecto Cellophane  
"An acquired taste they may be but Red Painted Red are the archetypal square peg that refuses resolutely to fit in the round hole of mediocrity." Bluesbunny
"it's quality music, unique and complex." Dyingforbadmusic
"absolutely brilliant" whisperinandhollerin

# 3 Purchase "I Am Nothing" album CD (with free immediate digital download).

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# 2 New album "I Am Nothing" available soon!

Days To Die From Paracetamol
Safe In Sleep
God Song (Fools and Fire)
I Can't See
White Space
Wondering How They Fly

# 1 Recording of our new album complete.

Elation, despair, arguments, happiness, depression, self-doubt, 17 months, late nights, early mornings, alcohol, tobacco, panic, irratability, hope, pessimism, joy, frustration, contentment, 38mins 14secs.....
© Red Painted Red 2016